Unimaginable Devastation by a Six-Pound Kitten

To be clear, this is a scenario that may happen if the cat was larger, but the cat in question is still a 6-pound kitten.

Taylor Nelson was in the middle of a Zoom meeting when she heard a noise in her apartment. She realised it was her kitten, Faye, because her cat, Spike, was sleeping close her. Nelson, on the other hand, tried her hardest to concentrate on the meeting and leave Faye alone; after all, she was “pretty much always zooming around” in her house. Taylor knew it was time to check what happened when she heard a tremendous bang from her bedroom, so she left the meeting right once.

Nelson assumed Faye had knocked some plants off the windowsill, which she and her brother do frequently, to the point that Nelson keeps extra terra-cotta pots in the basement just in case. However, she was taken aback when she entered the bedroom. It was far more than a couple of plants. “She did, in fact, knock down a few of plants, as I assumed,” Nelson said, adding that she also managed to knock over a 30-inch TV and a humidifier. “It was like a disaster sandwich, with the plants on the bottom, the TV on top of the plants, and the humidifier spilling over.

The water from the humidifier formed a beautiful muddy mess around the plants and TV because it was all on my rug.” The bedroom went from calmly put together to absolute disaster zone in a matter of seconds, and it was all down to the tiniest tiny culprit. “If it hadn't been for her glaring me down from under the bed right near the mess when I stepped into the bedroom and witnessed the commotion, I wouldn't have believed it was caused by this little 6-pound kitten,” Nelson said.

What a naughty little kitty.

(Image Credit: Taylor Nelson via The Dodo)